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September 14, 2010

The Different Types Of Mouth Protectors To Protect You From Grinding Teeth In Sleep

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If you have been suffering from clenching or grinding, then you have probably heard of a mouth guard for grinding teeth in sleep. A mouth guard is simply a covering worn over your teeth and this will be able to help you in protecting them from damage when you start grinding your teeth at night when you are asleep.


The main types of mouth guard for grinding teeth are Stock Mouth Protectors, Boil and Bite, and the Custom Fitted mouth guards. Here are the descriptions of the following types of mouth guard.



  1. Stock Mouth Protectors: Stock Mouth Protectorscome ready to wear and are the least expensive form of mouth guard. They can be bought from sports stores an department stores, but the problem is that they aren’t adjusted to fit you specifically. For this reason they can make it difficult to breathe and talk properly, and don’t actually protect your teeth well. Dentists do not recommend that you use this kind of mouth guard.


  1. Boil and Bite: These kind of mouth guards are also available to buy from sports stores and can fit a little better. You put it into hot water where it softens, when you then place it on your teeth to mold it. This can help it to fit better and be more comfortable.


  1. Custom Fitted Mouth Guards: These kinds of mouth guards are individually designed by dentists and professionals. They base it on an impression of your teeth and the mouth guard is then molded from that. These mouth guards are far more expensive due to their custom nature, but are the most effective type of mouth guard that you can have.



You should always go to your dentist if you are looking for a mouthguard for grinding teeth in sleep, as they will let you know which type is best for you. However, the truth is that a mouth guard is not going to solve your teeth grinding. For this, the best way to treat it is to get to the root and stop it at the same time: some people find that if they do not, they simply bite through the mouth guard. If you are looking for more information on natural treatments then I recommend the Bruxism Guide that can be found on the world wide web.

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