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November 19, 2009

Off-page Search Engine Optimization-Article Distribution

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Off-page Search Engine Optimization-Article Distribution

The first option is to upload to only half a dozen of the leading directory sites, on the basis that these directories are the ones that will generate the majority of visitors anyway. If you want to adopt this approach, then these are the directories to submit your articles to:

Submit your article to EzineArticles first as they are by far the biggest and most powerful article directory and they will only accept unique articles. You should wait until EzineArticles publish your article before submitting to the other directories in this list. (For great information on flipping websites for making money on the internet.)

The second option is to use a free semi-automatic program to submit your article to over 350 directories. The advantage of this is that you will generate additional one-way incoming links, but as many directories follow the EzineArticles lead by only publishing unique materials, the additional links may not justify the extra effort you need to make.

The third option involves buying software but it is the most effective strategy by far. Using Article Post Robot, you can submit unique versions of your article to over 500 directory sites. Every one of them will generate a one-way incoming link, and probably site visitors as well.

The advantages of using articles to promote your business are many and varied.
Firstly, if a reader enjoys your article, they will visit your site to learn more.

Secondly, other web masters can download your articles and republish them on their own web sites. This is another way that you can generate additional visitors.

Thirdly, every time your article is published by an article directory or on another web masters site, it generates a one-way incoming link to your site.
Finally, articles from the directories are highly rated by Google and the other search engines, and it is therefore possible for your article to pull extra visitors to your site via the search engines.

Once your articles are published, they continue to appear on the directory sites for many months or even years. Consequently, they are a long-term free traffic magnet, which should indicate something important.

The more articles you write and publish, the more visitors will come to your site from your articles. Try to set itself a target of writing four or five articles every week, and over a year you will have between 200 and 300 articles published. Just these articles on their own would probably be enough to generate a healthy profit week on week and month on month. (Learn how you can sell website to earn money from internet.)

However, in terms of generating free traffic, we have only just started.

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