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November 12, 2009

Off-page Search Engine Optimization-Free Press Releases-Natural Links

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Off-page Search Engine Optimization-Free Press Releases-Natural Links

While there are many legitimate things that you can do to help generate one-way incoming links, it is absolutely essential that the link network that you build appears to be completely natural. To use a simple example, if you have no incoming links today and 1000 incoming links tomorrow, it is obvious that this did not happen naturally.

In any natural link network, there will be both outgoing and reciprocal links, as well as those that are one-way incoming. It is essential that when you start to build a link network for any individual site, you make sure that there are some links that are outgoing and also some that are reciprocal. It is not difficult to create links of this type. (Learn how you can sell website to earn money from internet.)

As you will read many times in this report, there are lots of ways of creating one-way incoming links, and many of them are naturally tied into the free traffic generation strategies that you should be adopting after reading this book. Generating one-way incoming links is not difficult, nor is there anything untoward about creating links in the way that you will read of in this book.
It makes sense to generate a few outgoing links right at the beginning, and to put in place a system to generate reciprocal links that will develop over time.

The outgoing links that you create should go to authority sites in your marketplace, or to general centers of information such as Wikipedia, Yahoo!, MSN, and so on. The reason that you would do this is that although you have to have some outgoing links, you do not really want your visitors to follow them (once they leave your site, they may well not come back), and by keeping these links very generic, you reduce the chances of this happening. (Check out this site on how to sell a website at

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