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December 4, 2009

Getting To Know the Common Plant Names in Your Windowsill Herb Garden

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Knowing the common plant names is the key for you to establish a good windowsill herb garden. Many botanical shops deal with seeds and full-grown plants using their common plant names, and therefore you need to be able to match these names with their scientific names. There are a lot of ways to do this. You can use plant databases and encyclopedias, as these would give you pictures of the plants together with the list of all their names. If you have kept any of the seed packets when you bought your plants, you’ll see that they tend give the scientific name with the common plant name.

In most cases, a common plant name is the latin version of the name translated into english. Various common plant names for herbs include Cudweed, Duckweed, Dove, Ammania, Beggarticks, Annual, Buttercup, Conzya, Crimson Monkeyflower, among others. For flowering plants, we have the African lily, Alpine thistle, bells of Ireland, tulips, roses, clover, Amaryllis, gerber daisy, Amazon lily, baby’s breath, and much more.

If you are living in a region where poisonous plants thrive and grow, being able to know their common plant names will be able to prevent any confusion if ever you or somebody you know (especially your loved ones) will be exposed to them. Various names for poisonous plants include poison oak, belladonna, alder buckthorn, foxglove, monk’s hood, poison sumac, poison ivy, pokeweed, english ivy, poison hemlock and yew. If you think that you have been poisoned by one of these plants, look for medical attention immediately. Keep in mind that poisonous plants should not be kept inside your home, unless you have taken the needed precautions to prevent any kind of injury. Also, some herbs can become poisonous if they are not used appropriately, therefore a lot of references list useful herbs such as garlic, cinnamons and chives as poisons for improper usage.

However, knowing the common names of your plants alone isn’t enough to guarantee that you’ll be able to keep them in your windowsill herb garden. As you are making your herb garden, you still have to do some research about your plants and make sure that you live in the right climate for your plants too. By doing this, you will guarantee your plant’s longevity and health.

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