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November 11, 2010

Cooking Lessons: Tips On How To Cook Scallops

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Do you mostly visit your local seafood eateries to try out their assorted dishes that leaves you hungering for more? Maybe it’s got you wishing you might cook amazing mouth-watering dishes at home, that might even taste batter than the ones at the restaurant ! Rather than continuing to fantasize about having the ability to cook such delicacies, why not try them out yourself? Believe me when I tell you that it isn’t tough to make those terribly same dishes in your own kitchen. The secret to being in a position to cook well, is in finding the best cooking lessons and the ideal recipe for whatever the dish you would like to try out.


If you’re looking for a good recipe concerning how to cook scallops, you have come to the right place. When you believe scallops, you have a vision of you fighting with them in the kitchen and having to cook for hours only to finish up with a sub-par dish that could be a big unhappiness. With the right ingredient and the right methodology, ‘how to cook scallops’ will be straightforward and will also produce wonderful results.


When talking of cooking scallops is to go to a seafood store and find the best scallops. You’d need to understand that there are essentially to species of scallops, which are bay scallops which are quite dear, and the sea scallops, which are of a fair price and are less difficult to find. You may either buy them fresh or buy them frozen, in which scenario you would need to permit them to unfreeze before starting on your ‘how to cook scallops’ recipe. Remember the good scallops will be pinkish white colored and is a very important tip in each ‘how to cook scallops’ recipe.


One of the best cooking tips when it comes to scallops is to cook them in oil. For this you’d need a big pan to which you’d need to add one or two large spoons of oil and permit it to temperature. Once the oil has heated, add the scallops one by one and permit them to cook. Turn them once one side has been cooked. Permit it to cook for nearly five minutes. You might also add some butter and salt to the scallops before you put them in the oil.


You might serve the scallops as a side plate or as a main meal. It’s best served with some mayo to improve the flavor. Another thing that cooking lessons for this food would advise you is to add some lime, ginger and garlic to add more flavor. Remember that to not let the scallops get too chewy, you shouldn’t ever overcook them for at least five minutes. 

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